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Ask an Alum: Connie Renee Boudreaux

09/19/2012 11:44 AM

Meet Humanities and Social Sciences alumna Connie Renee Boudreaux! She graduated from LSU with a BA in French and a minor in history as well as a BA Mass Communication, with a concentration in Advertising, and a minor in Business. Connie is now using her liberal arts skills at her role as a Marketing Associate at Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge

As an undergraduate, Connie took advantage of the French Studies program LSU in the French Alps which is a cultural immersion in the Ubaye Valley of France.  Connie gives us a glimpse into the program in her own words: “The French Department's Ubaye Valley program is unique to LSU. Every summer the town of Barcelonnette welcomes students with open arms. They - along with the directors Carla Vance and Bernard Dubernet - give us an authentic experience: cooking us dinners, setting us up with jobs to practice our French, taking us sightseeing and hiking in the French Alps. Ubaye takes the concept of studying abroad and elevates it to a true immersion - both language and cultural. The other participants are some of the best friends I made at LSU and I feel so blessed to have gone.”


How did your H&SS experience help prepare you for the career you are in?

I think having a variety of experiences and being well-rounded helps prepare you for any profession. My HS&S classes helped me learn how to work with different kinds of people and provided me with presentation and writing skills. Also my French degree became my ticket to teach English in France for a year after I graduated. Now that I'm working in a nonprofit with a small staff, we all have to pick up tasks beyond our technical job descriptions and I'm so thankful to have multiple disciplines I can fall back on, both for my current day-to-day and for the rest of my career.


How did you choose your major?

I started taking French in high school to connect with my family's Acadian heritage. At LSU, I was planning to minor in French with my Mass Communications major but after I took a handful of classes I realized how much I loved the structure of Humanities courses, the discussions and the writing, and so I ended up getting dual degrees.


What was your favorite H&SS class?

I especially loved Film History with Dr. Charles Shindo. We wrote three big papers on movies we chose: a documentary, a movie depicting an historical event and a movie that represented the time in which it was filmed. I wrote my last paper on the 1990s movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd - I still love telling people I wrote an academic paper on the movie that coined "As if!"


Who was your favorite professor?

Professor Jean Xavier Brager - his French classes have a business and cultured focus that I found so much more practical than a regular literature class. We studied French films, advertising, the politics behind European Union, French corporations, comparing France to the US...  Our finals were always group projects that he structured like an episode of "The Apprentice." He held us to very high standards, both with the language and the business concepts that surrounded our project. The Ubaye Program and Brager's classes were definitely the best preparation I got for living abroad. 


What’s your Favorite LSU memory?

I participated in the STRIPES program for 4 years and most of my favorite LSU memories come from those summers. The year I was on the SG Executive Staff I got to use the remote control to the Bell Tower to play the Alma Mater. It was such a high to have that power and a connection to those special symbols of our University. Also that year we got to teach the incoming freshmen the football cheers in Tiger Stadium. I'm a firm believer in making sure students know LSU is so much more than football, but even I was awed at having Death Valley to ourselves.